youtubers life Crack PC Game Torrent

Youtubers life Crack PC Game Torrent

youtubers life Crack PC Game Torrent


In youtubers life Crack the player must manage a character who tries to create a YouTube career. The player also has to manage the character staff and the developing network of material.

When the character develops, opportunities for making friends’ videos, creating videos through advertising agreements and revenues from each video ad allow characters to enhance their facilities and homes and access resources to increase their character’s abilities. 

A YouTuber is a performer who makes videos for the YouTube website, often backed by more extensive networks. Certain YouTuber companies also have sponsors who pay for placing products in their clips or making videos online. These providers of material are sometimes called “influencers.”

The information they share is frequently vlogging, play, role-playing, singing, and many more. “YouTuber” refers to those whose platforms are mostly or only YouTube channel(s), custom subscribers of the YouTube video-sharing website.

Everybody desires to be a renowned inventor! You’ll know how it feels like a celebrity in Youtubers Life! In this simulation game, learn the everyday lives of renowned Youtubers! What’s your channel’s theme?

Youtubers Life is a simulator, teaching you how to live a life like Jacksepticeye and be a star on social media. It is simple to reach a fixed point, but it isn’t easy to be an influencer. So give time and money to your channel, and do not stop growing up, or you could lose some subscribers. 

Youtubers life Gameplay:

Youtubers Life is a life simulation game featuring the features and inspirations of “Game Dev Tycoon” and “The Sims” computer games.

The capability of creating films for friends, creating videos using advertising contracts, and the revenue from viewing each video enables the character to buy improvements to its equipment and living areas and to access resources to further their abilities.

On 15 July 2016, one of the U-Play online developers mentioned that the next channel was the music channel. The same developer announced 13 October 2016 the introduction of the music channel on 20 October 2016. So it was, but Mac users had another day to wait.  

You have to manage your time to handle your everyday duties and submit weekly content to the channel in this simulator. In the beginning, followers are tough to obtain, but the more films you submit, the greater the amount! Do not become a popular hero, and experience luxury in your life! Do not be influenced by your detractors’ insults!

You must develop your avatar before you construct your video channels. Make your avatar a fashion victim and dress her in the most contemporary clothing first from a range of caps, hairstyles, and shirts. Be cautious, though, to carefully handle the money and not make needless purchases because every saved piece of equipment will get you closer to your objective.

It’s not simple to develop a channel, so control your money wisely and don’t have enough resources to purchase. You may take a few methods to boost your following if you follow any video blog. Become the most popular vlogger, however. Are you ready to comment?


  • Channel Gaming: recording your greatest gameplays and other gamers. To produce the most significant films, get the best PCs, consoles, and video games.
  • Search for geek videos and critique gameplay, spark debate and encourage remarks!
  • Be a gamer and get as many video games as you can to manage your money.
  • Music channel: make videos and cover their finest songs from your favorite musicians.
  • Soon in front of thousands, you’re going to play live! Has this lifestyle been ready?

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP: OS:
  • Intel i3 or similar Processor:
  • Specification: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphs: VRAM 512MB (NVIDIA GeForce)
  • DirectX: 9.0c version.
  • Store: 3 GB of space available
  • Further notes: Better played at 16:9. If you have performance difficulties, check your settings for quality in the game.

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