The Witcher 2 Crack PC Game Torrent

The witcher 2 Crack PC Game Torrent

the witcher 2 Crack PC Game Torrent


The witcher 2 Crack is a 2007 action game based on a series The Witcher by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski based on the main story.

The narrative comes in a medieval fantasy world followed by Geralt of Rivia, one of few wandering monster hunters known as Witches, who have extraordinary abilities.

The game uses Aurora Engine from BioWare. 2009 saw a new engine and fighting system debut for the platform, The Witcher: the Rise of the White Wolf. However, due to payment issues with console creators Widescreen Games.

In 2007, The Witcher was published for favorable critical reviews, with a total score of Metacritical 81/100.

In 2011 the Witcher 2: Kings Assassins and in 2015, The Witch 3: Wild Hunt were released. Two sequels were released.

The player leads the activities of Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher monster hunter. Polish history and Slavic mythology owe significantly to the world of fantasy in which his adventures take place.

The game was a key and economic success, and by May 2012, it sold more than 1.7 million copies.

The Witcher 2: The Assassins of Kings spins a sophisticated and thinking story to make one of the most elaborately and uniquely playing games ever released on PC. The second part in the RPG epic about professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia.

There’s a moment of unspeakable calamity. Mighty powers collide in a fight for power and influence behind the scenes. The Kingdoms of the North are mobilizing for war. But the military is not sufficient to stop a murderous plot.

The witcher 2 Gameplay:

The Witcher 2‘s gameplay is a significant shift from the previous one. Fighting, for example, is far more complex, with enhancements in the form of lay-and-take-take capacities. In addition, Geralt has a better offensive. 

In some areas of the game, the Witcher 2 contains a stealth mode in which players must remain unnoticed while moving to a specific goal. If Geralt manages to sneak behind the opponents, players can select excellent enemies, but the player can approach and engage guards in fighting less sensibly.

The Witcher has three camera styles: two isometry views, in which the mouse controls most operations, and an over-the-shot view, allowing the player to go closer to the in-game fight but restricting visibility.

This quick style enables faster, less destructive assaults, which are more likely to hit fast foes; the powerful style causes further damage in return for slow attacks and the lesser probability of striking faster enemies.

At any time, the player can change between styles. The primary swords of Geralt also differ from other weapons in their style of battle and serve particular functions. The user may connect Geralt’s strikes to combinations more efficiently with the exact time.

An essential component of the gameplay is Alchemy. The player can produce potions that improve health or stamina, allow Geralt to see in the dark, or provide other positive effects. 

After the player produces an unknown potion, the player can opt for a sip, but it will poison or injure Geralt if the potion is not. They enhance his body’s toxicity every time Geralt drinks potions.

The player may also produce oils to increase the damage caused by weapons, in addition to potions.

A delayed system of decision-consequence means that in later acts of the game, the effects of players’ actions will become evident through narrative devices. It also adds to the repayment value of the game as its effects might lead to significant variations among events that occur later and, eventually, to a vastly different gameplay experience than before.

The gamer generally chooses between the two least maladies.


  • Dive into a vast, emotional, non-linear narrative that is unlike any other in a fantasy universe.
  • Start a complicated and vast journey with severe implications in every action.
  • Engage with four distinct starts and 16 potential endings in over 40 hours of narrative-led games.
  • They are combating using a fighting system that combines dynamics with the advanced RPG elements.
  • Use a range of distinctive witch arms with melee and a range of features.
  • Prepare for fighting with a broad range of tactical options: create potions, traps, appetizers, magical casting, and sneaking at your enemies.
  • Find a deep, rich universe of games where disastrous events change people’s lives during ferocious creatures’ rampages.
  • Uncover many different places, from busy commercial centers to bustling mining cities, magnificent castles, and fortresses, and discover the stories and obscure mysteries they have to tell.

System Requirements:

  • OS: XP/Vista/7 Windows.
  • Intel 2.2 GHz Dual-Core or AMD Processor: Dual-core 2.5 GHz.
  • Win Vista/Win 7 Memory: 1.5GB (Win XP), 2GB.
  • Graphics: Radeon HD3850 GeForce 8800 (512 MB) (512 MB). Definition: 1280×720.
  • DirectX®: Installation of DirectX 9.29.
  • Drive Hard: 25GB

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