the long dark Crack PC Game Torrent

The Long Dark Crack PC Game Torrent

the long dark Crack PC Game Torrent


The Long Dark Crack is a Hinterland Studio video game for the first Player to survive. The Player is called to act by Will Mackenzie, an accident bush pilot who has to survive a geomagnetic regional storm calamity in the incredible Canadian wilderness. The Canadian Media Fund financed the game, and in October 2013, the Kickstarter campaign successfully collected additional funds.

The alpha version was eventually published on the Xbox One, one of Microsoft’s first two Game Preview Program launching games in June 2015. on the Xbox One.

Raphael van Lierop departed Relic Entertainment to focus on projects he believed were “more personal” and “more symbolic of the ideals,” following his work on the Warhammer 40,000 Director: Space Marine.

Van Lierop also departed Vancouver and moved his family from Vancouver Island’s town to the north. Inspired by this new environment, it formed the Hinterland, which began to work on The Long Dark, a game that survived the Canadians’ wilderness. Hinterland wanted to explore from the outskirts of the urban apocalypse a postponement world that “we have all seen a million times” and away from “B movie-based clich├ęs like zombies.”

Hinterland was mindful about the scope of the match, not wishing to increase the size of the team and the risk of it, and thus restricted its span of Kickstarter goal to that t Hinterland announced during the kicking campaign to capitalization of the Long Dark actors’ fan-bases.

The Long Dark Crack Gameplay:

The Long Dark is a survival game performed from a first-person perspective in an open-world setting. The Player assumes the character of a crashes landing pilot who struggles to live following a geomagnetical storm in the cold, Canadian wilderness. The makers say the gameplay is a “survival simulation, which accounts for a range of environmental conditions, including temperature, caloric consumption, hunger/thirst, tiredness, wind-chill, and wildlife”.

Food, water, firewood, medicinal products, and instruments such as guns, axes, knives, and countless more articles. Wildlife is also present. Every new game has all objects and fauna produced at random so that the Player has not two games alike. Over time, tools and things decay, prompting the Player to decide their state and their ultimate need for reparation carefully.

The Player may also become sick of food and disease poisoning. The Long Dark mimics a complete day/night cycle that is a crucial aspect of the game. The game mimics wind and temperature, constantly carefully checking the weather and their garments to prevent death.

The game also simulates wind chill. At first, the game didn’t have several modes of experience, but Hinterland has introduced three types of experience to fit various play styles because of player demand. At the same time, “Interloper” is for players who want to enjoy a punishment, a complex and easy way of living.


  • The game pushes players to consider by offering the necessary knowledge, but never the solutions. You must get the right to survive.
  • Therefore, it is essential to make all decisions. [Please note that there is no permadeath with WINTERMUTE.
  • Monitor the energy you require to balance your hunger, thirst, tiredness, and cold while struggling to achieve energy. Calories cost every activity, and time is your most valuable resource. Carefully select your route.
  • Explore a 50 m2 wilderness in the quest for valuable goods in northern Canada. In winter. In winter. Dynamic hour, weather, presence of wildlife, etc., make things more complicated.
  • Screen hunt, fish, catch, climb, chart, seek life-saving food and equipment, and strive to keep your life-saving equipment out of the hostile wildlife and succumb to hypothermia, frostbite, or dysentery.
  • Four different modes of experience can help you discover a difficult level that you can take with you, such as pilgrim mode, which is calm and thoughtful, all the way to Interloper mode. Use Custom Mode options to adapt your survival mode game to your unique interests if neither of the four experiences matches you.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 OS:
  • Dual-Core Intel i5 CPU @ 2GHz+ Processor
  • Remember: RAM 4 GB
  • Graphs: Intel 4xxx Series or higher w/ 512MB VRAM.
  • Store: 7 GB of space available
  • Sound card: Every chip-on-board works.

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