Sniper Elite 4 Crack PC Game Torrent

Sniper Elite 4 Crack PC Game Torrent

Sniper Elite 4 Crack PC Game Torrent

Sniper Elite 4: is a video game from the third person in 2017. After its predecessor, Sniper Elite 4 brings players from sun-drenched Mediterranean coastal cities to former woods and mountain valleys and enormous Nazi mega structural buildings around the gorgeous Italian peninsula.

After eliminating Schmidt OSS agent Jack Weaver ordered Fairburn to the town of Bitonti to hunt the local resistance organization commander Sofia “Angel” Di Rocco Angel was distrustful of the OSS that enabled her Dad to be abducted by the Nazi people.


The new weapon a radio-guided anti-ship missile developed by physicist Andreas Kessler and Heinz Bahm, a Nazi general with a high position of the Allies, sank the ship rapidly. After the sinking

To establish himself and urge the group to join in she asked Fairburn to destroy a railway cannon on Regaling Viaduct. The partisans reject the partnership in a distrustful manner of the mafia objectives.

Key Feature:

Discover the incomparable freedom of the world war two shooter, the largest and most advanced ever constructed.

    Meet hours of glamorous gambling at massive campaigns with hundreds of Nazi opponents, vehicles, and top officers. Forge your way to your goals, unveil new nests, locate secret side quests, pickups, and more!
    Experience rifle ballistics where the sniper must consider the wind, gravity, and heart rate to make sure it is satisfactory for him.
    Sniper rifles, handguns, submachine weapons, heavy weapons, traps, grenades, and explosives are flawless for every fight situation in a spectacular variety of icons of World War 2.
    Creates and edits personalized loads for any meeting.
  • MULTIPLAYER DEVELOPMENT                                                                                      Accommodate up to 12 players in six variants over six technical terrains.

System requirement:

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit, 8.1 64-bit, or 10 Windows 64-bit.
  • CPU Core i7-3770 or similar in Intel CPU
  • 8 GB RAM RAM Memory
  • GTX 970/AMD GPU Radeon RX 480 Graphs: Nvidia GPU GeForce

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