slime rancher Crack PC Game Torrent

Slime rancher Crack PC Game Torrent

slime rancher Crack PC Game Torrent

Slime rancher is a lovely sandbox experience for the first person. Beatrix LeBeau: A young rancher with a feisty spirit that ventures out on the far, far-reaching range for a thousand years of light from Earth.

Every day you try to gather enormous riches in slime ranching. Fresh difficulties and dangerous possibilities. Collect multicolored slimes, cultivate plants, reap resources and discover untamed wildlife via your all-around vacuum.

Gold and fortune are rare non-farmable slimes. In mini-games are also available with unique non-farmable quicksilver and Glitch slimes. The Gordo variant is likewise available in most slimes. These are in the far distance.

Slime rancher Gameplay:

 The player controls the character Beatrix LeBeau, a rancher who moves to a planet far away from Earth called Far Range to live the life of a “slime rancher” who consists of building its ranch and exploring the far range world, collecting, raising, feeding, and breeding slimes. Slimes are gelatinous living creatures of different dimensions and features.

The player must purchase and improve several shelters to store their gathered slimes and crops. Modifications can also be aesthetic improvements to the home, vacuum, and ranch of the character. You can only keep a certain amount of goods at a time, and you have to travel back to your ranch to unload your acquired items before collecting more.

 But, if a slime combines more than three features by consuming two distinct complots, it becomes an aggressive, malicious black slime dubbed the “Tar.” The player may sprinkle and break down the tars using freshwater out of pools and springs.

Players can fire on food until they burst to obtain regular, pharmaceutical slime kinds. They also create crates that carry random treasure. 


  • Select 3 different modes of game: adventure, casual, and rush
  • Explore an immense open and hidden world
  • Find hundreds of multicolored loams
  • Grow plants and produce chickadee to feed your hungry slime collection
  • Gain money to enhance your vacuum, build additional huts, or increase your farm
  • Make yourself creative and mix slimes into more than 150.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7+. OS: Controller: 2.2GHz dual nucleus. Savings: 4 GB of RAM. VRAM dedicated graphics: 512 MB…
  • Mac. OS: 10.11+ OSX 10.
  • Processor: 2.2GHz two-core. Processor. Speech: RAM 4 GB.
  • Graphics: Compatible OpenGL 3.2, VRAM dedicated 512 MB.
  • Linux. OS: or comparable to Ubuntu 12.04+.
  • Controller: 2.2GHz dual nucleus.
  • Savings: 4 GB of RAM.

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