prototype Crack PC Game Torrent

Prototype Crack PC Game Torrent


prototype Crack PC Game Torrent

Prototype PC Game is a video game for action-adventure. Radical Entertainment, Activision developed and published. It was launched for Windows on June 9, 2009. The leading superpower of Alex is his capacity to change his body into another person. 

Prototype is a game of action that is highly intriguing. If you want to play action and adventure games, Prototype is the ideal choice as certain adventure moves will also enjoy. In New York City, the game is ready to infect humans, and the forces are trying to stop it. Alex Mercer is the protagonist of the narrative, who can absorb the opponent and form.

The game shows New York’s very renowned and famous international city. Prototype’s primary character is Alex. Alex. Alex possesses extraordinary capabilities and powers. For example, Alex can alter his body into anybody, the excellent skills. In addition, he can recover his health incredibly rapidly when an adversary hits him.

Prototype PC Game Gameplay:

The leading superpower of Alex is his capacity to mold, transform his body into anybody. His capacity to “devour” others and to fully absorb them is hand in one with this talent. This technique enables Alex to recover fast by absorbing his adversaries’ biomass. The cover-up lasts until Alex is unnoticeable.

 He can execute various melee strikes and other acrobatic movements, such as air combos, sliding down the ground with any humanoid adversary, and a high-speed cannonball assault. Alex may also convert portions of his body in the game, either as upgrades purchased or given, into a range of martial instruments. Offensive powers include:

  • The extensive and robust blade arm.
  • The quick razor-sharp claw.
  • The telescopic whistle.
  • The sluggish yet powerful Hammerfest increases strength.

Both types of vision mute all of the senses of Alex, for example, hearing, to focus on his vision. Alex can grab weapons from slain or absorbed adversaries in addition to his capabilities. These include automatic weapons, firearms, pellets, and missile launches. You can also use military vehicles like tanks and helicopters to take control.

The Devastators, who demand that Alex stand in critical mass, are either near-death or precisely the contrary, with a store of extra biomass and health growth, are Alex’s most potent assaults.


  • Action game.
  • Moments of adventure.
  • New York City. NYC.
  • Unique capacities and capabilities.
  • Health regains extremely fast.
  • Use enemy weaponry.
  • Various types of problems.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows® XP or Windows Vista® (with Service Pack 3).
  • Processor: 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlons 64 X2 4000+, or greater Intel® CoreTM2.
  • Memory: Memory: RAM 2 GB / XP RAM 1 GB.
  • All NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800 GT 256 MB chipsets and improving them. All ATI. RadeonTM X1800 X1800 256 Mob.
  • Microsoft DirectX®: Hard Drive DirectX 9.0c: 8GB Free hard disc space.
  • Sound: Soundcard compatible with DirectX® 9.0c.

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