postal 2 Crack PC Game Torrent

postal 2 Crack PC Game Torrent

postal 2 Crack PC Game Torrent

Postal 2 is the first-person Running with Scissors shooter for 2003. It followed the 1997 Postal 2 game and was published in April 2003 for Microsoft Windows, April 2004 for machos, and April 2005 for Linux. Boasting a high degree of brutality, stereotyping, and Black humor, both Postal 2 and its predecessor have earned fame.

Located in Paradise fictional city, Postal 2 tells the tale of “The Postal Man,” who must perform tedious chores throughout the week and choose how to respond aggressively or calmly to various circumstances. The player explores the open environment for his tasks, and the player’s choice affects the scenario.

postal 2 Gameplay:

A fundamental notion of Postal 2 was it intended to be a “living world,” a tongue-in-cheek simulation of the off-kilter city. Game characters conduct their lives apart from Dude’s activities — going around town and shopping and selling goods and even shooting one another and the cops at random.

The ability to take cats as just an inventory item is a particular feature. The cat’s going to scamper away after nine bullets, and the weapon is going to fly out. Most dogs may join the Dude if they dine on a continuous supply of jelly beans or feed on other foodstuffs (pizza, donuts, fast food).

Dogs are also chasing and killing the cats, snatching inventory goods of Dudes, and cutting skills. Cows were also included in-game but were not implemented. Instead, they appeared in the Paradise variation of Apocalypse Weekend and A Week.

The game also contains a camera of Gary Coleman behaving like himself. He early appeared as an aim and one of the game’s missions (journey to Gary’s signature in the local shopping center). The player can fight and murder Coleman or calmly sign the book (after enduring a long line-up). The Dude twice makes Coleman a mistake when he played the show in What’s Going to happen!! And The Acts of Life.


  • The player takes on the character of postal 2: Postal Dude.
  • A tall skinny, red-headed man with a goat, eyeglasses, a black leather trench.
  • A T-shirt emblazoned on him with a grey extraterrestrial face.
  • The credit, in the decrepit trailer on the property behind a home in the tiny town of Paradise.

System Requirements:

  • System: Vista or Windows XP
  • Controller: 1.5 GHz
  • Remembrance: RAM 512 MB
  • Chart: 64 MB T&L hardware-compatible Directx 8.1 graphics card (128 MB DirectX 9 recommended)
  • Stocking: 1.2 GB HDD.

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