poly bridge Crack PC Game Torrent

Poly bridge Crack PC Game Torrent

poly bridge Crack PC Game Torrent


Poly Bridge Crack is a simulated jigsaw puzzle game developed by New Zealand-based Dry Cactus Indie Studio, which has Canadian musician Adrian Talens to create bridges for crossing cars. On July 12, 2016, iOS on June 13, 2017, for Microsoft Windows.

The availability of multiple construction materials at varied pricing makes the game more complex.

Poly Bridge is a physical puzzle game in which players have to design and build a bridge to carry different vehicles on one side of the river securely. However, in contrast to earlier versions of similar games for building a bridge, this game has a 3D polygon.

Poly bridge Crack Gameplay:

Poly bridge games also have barriers such as leaps and boats that force the player to create their bridge.  Underweight of a passing car, a poorly constructed bridge collapses. The game contains a GIF generator that enables players to capture and share particular moments online.

The main objective is to ensure that cars cross several rivers via bridges.

The game consists of six separate worlds, each consisting of 16 levels and 176 levels comprising of five “challenged worlds” consisting of tougher copies of the levels during the first five worlds.

Poly Bridge Crack offers a story mode with several scenarios requiring various geographical elements to accomplish different tasks.

There is a sandbox mode, where for construction without constraints.

Because every vehicle has a distinct body and weight, lengthier automobiles may not even pull up steep pistes and adjust the structure to the environment.

Poly Bridge has various obstacles, such as leaps and boats, which force the player to create a bridge.

Under the pressure of a transverse vehicle, a poorly constructed bridge collapses.


  • A whole new soundtrack returns Adrian Talens! Relax in the calming and renowned music with 13 new tracks and 18 old tunes restored by Poly Bridge!
  • Discover the classic acoustic guitar beat for almost a half-hour.
  • Take levels with a cushion and rebound with the spring substance to achieve victory. You can now make your bridges more flexible!
  • We have gone farther than this to produce an efficient and fine-tuned bespoke physics engine, particularly for bridge simulations.
  • Compete in the new and unbreakable leader boards against other players!

System Requirements:

  • Background: Windows 7
  • Memory: 1GHz: 2Gb of RAM
  • Graphics: 512Mb Processor:
  • DirectX: Storage version 9.0: 150 MB space available.

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