need for speed most wanted 2005 Crack PC Game Torrent

Need For Speed most wanted 2005 Crack PC Game Torrent

need for speed most wanted 2005 Crack PC Game Torrent

Speed need: Most Wanted: is an open-label video game from 2005 and the ninth entry in the series Need for Speed. The main game story includes 15 players who compete with the city’s most elite street racer to become the group’s most popular racer so that they get their car back from the antagonist while they are developing a feud with city police. The game is based on a selection of events in the fictitious town of Rockport.

The most important thing about Most Wanted was to make numerous noteworthy changes and enhancements to previous items in the series with more deep policing. The game gained additional material from the collector’s version called Black Edition.


The game includes a range of licensed real-world (available at the time of the development and launch of the game) cars, which can be upgraded and adapted to new features while contesting police involvement in the player’s effort. Players participate in illegal road races across the Most Wanted setting.

The racing events involve a variety of competitive races spanning races and checkpoint races sprint races and drag races. The game has three game modes  Career Quick Race and Challenge Series with the fourth option which allows players to play on some console editions.

Although many of the competitions resemble those utilized in prior game entries especially the Underground games, several events  Drifting Street X the Underground Racing League and the Outrun are not part of Most Wanted.

Speed acquired by the player or adversary is deducted at 10 kilometers per hour when the opponent first passes the finish line which means that the player (or other adversary automobiles) flash on the screen crosses the finish line.

Key Features:

  • Play on the streets of modern cities as a professional driver
  • Purchase new automobiles and personalize the money you have
  • Create a team with other drivers to confront the other squads
  • Multiplayer with many more modes of the game

Requirements for System:

  • Windows 2000/XP/7: OS:
  • CPU: 1.4GHz RAM: 256 MB Processor.
  • 3GB VGA: 42 MB HDD: DirectX compliant Video Card Sound: Sound Card DX: CD-
  • ROM Drive DirectX 9.0c 8X

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