mount and blade warband Crack PC Game Torrent

Mount and blade warband Crack PC Game Torrent

mount and blade warband Crack PC Game Torrent


Mount & Blade: Warband Crack is the independent expansion pack to the Mount & Blade strategic action video game.

Directly from the website of TaleWorlds using Steam’s digital software or as an online DVD with needed activation. Via directly. On July 10, 2014, Steam published the macOS and Linux versions.

Warband extends the game to include a sixth group (Sarranid Sultanate), expanding political choices, enabling players to create their faction, and adding multiplayer possibilities. Game reviews were generally good, with multiplayer input commended.  The game focuses on riding fighting and ordering the fighting band to utilize blunt weapons in the field, such as directing archers to take up their position or infantry.

Warband publisher and the developer have published it.

It’s time to create your army of hardened warriors and step into the battle in a nation ripped apart by relentless strife. Lead your soldiers into war, extend their sphere, and win the ultimate prize: the Canadian throne!

Mount and Blade: Warband is a stand-alone expansion pack for the game with its realistic fought mount and complex combat systems, bringing medieval battlefields to life.

As of January 31, 2014, Paradox Interactive has provided TaleWorlds with publication rights. Warband is Mount&Blade’s first independent expansion, which was initially revealed in June 2009.

Mount&Blade: Warband was launched in September 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

A game lore prequel, named Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord, will be published in April 2020 under early access. It’s this series’ most recent game.

Mount and blade warband Gameplay:

 In the medieval country of Calradia, the same as in the original game. The player personalizes the character at the beginning of the game and is born into the world. If the player meets other parties, fighting may occur, at which point the game turns into real-time.

The player’s reputation grows if the fight wins. The player can work for lords with a good reputation, build up his feuds, assault and recruit additional men. The user may also find fellow players across the area to contribute their band capabilities.

The significant modifications to this game incorporated multiplayer capabilities, the sixth faction, the Sarranid Sultanate, and the over-world map reorganization.

The establishment of political choices allows players to influence lords and marry women, while unaligned players can capture and form their factions in a town or castle.

In addition to updated or changed fight animations, the game includes somewhat enhanced visuals.

The new multimedia mode removes all RPG and map components from single-player mode and instead concentrates on straight fighting.

There is no relationship between a multiplayer player’s characters and one-player characters and no ability to level or modify its templates attributes (other than using equipment).

Although additional modes, such as castle sieges from the main game, are also present, they are comparable to the modes found in the first-person shooter games (e.g., team fighting and capturing the flag). Some changes include additional game modes.

The fight itself is different in class. Melee’s fight consists of four attack directions: down, right, and four blocking ways similar to attacks.


  • Added support for HDR, FSAA, field depth, soft particles, toning, etc.
  • More detailed and high-quality texturing of new models
  • Multiplayer fighting with a maximum of 64 participants. Deathmatch, team deathmatch, the capture of flag, conquest, battle, and Siege are all multiplayer modes.
  • A campaign to make you the king of a party and persuade lords to vassal
  • The power to make your friends more vassals by giving them land
  • The opportunity for romance or a cold political benefit to marrying a woman of the kingdom. With poetry or courage.
  • Soldiers fall away if their moral standards become too low.
  • Choose any projectiles for more ammunition from the battlefield
  • New animated fight movement
  • Even when you don’t actively protect your shield, your arrows will still halt.
  • The ability to play multiplayer matches both on random and hand-drawn maps
  • Get money by defeating opponents or achieving objectives
  • Switch to the short javelin when you close your adversary
  • Use a well-equilibrated strategy to make the battle more interesting without providing the top side too much advantage.

System Requirements:

  • Windows® XP OS: Windows
  • Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or AMD 2.5 GHz Processing Unit.
  • Specification: RAM 512MB
  • Chart: 64MB RAM 3D graphics card
  • Hard Drive: 100 MB of space available
  • Sound: Audio standard

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Mount And Blade Warband Crack PC Game Torrent

Mount And Blade Warband Crack PC Game Torrent


Mount And Blade Warband Crack PC Game Torrent

Mount And Blade Warband is an independent expansion pack for the action-playing video game Mount & Blade, its predecessor. TaleWorlds has created the game, and Paradox Interactive published it on 30 March 2010.

The game change a few times. It is particularly evident because there are more varieties of meals accessible and typically more morally than Mount And Blade. The game also measures bandit groups about the size of the player’s party, so if you have 40 soldiers, you will have a higher chance of finding 30-35 bandits.

Mount And Blade Warband was published in September 2016 for Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4. An early access release from April 2020 is a precursor in-game lore named Mount And Blade II: Bannerlord. It’s the most recent game.

As a result, fans built several modifications that provide new possibilities, settings, characters, dialogues, items, etc. You may also personalize the money you receive from murdering other players for your in-game character. 

Mount And Blade Warband Gameplay:

Mount And Blades Warband is a role-playing sandbox in the medieval kingdom of Calradia, much like with the original game. If the player wins, he enhances his reputation. The player can labor for lords, establish its fiefs, assault towns, and recruit additional troops with a good reputation. The player can also meet accompanying people across the map to contribute skills to the fight. 

The main games modifications were the multiplayer capacity, the sixth group, the Sarranid sultanate, and the overworld map reorganization. The game includes somewhat better visuals and new or changed battle animations.

Instead of focusing on direct fighting, the new multiplayer mode removes every RPG and map aspect in the single-player game. Multiplayer matches with up to 200 players divided into two groups based on the specified factions.

There is no connection between the multiplayer characters and the single-player characters and no method for leveling or modifying the template properties of a multiplayer character (other than through the purchase of equipment). Some Melee weapons can only utilize in two upward and downward directions of attack, but some cannot block the equipment menu, such as specific knives.


  • Elements: Camps of Bandits
  • New riding mechanics with the character of Swordplay introduced the option to alter a slash’s side.
  • New mechanics and animation characters have introduced the ability to kick. It drops a player block, causes opponent blocks to damage, and adds blunt damage.
  • The chamber blocking has been added – attacking in the correct direction at the appropriate moment is a success, and an attack will occur.
  • Horses now have a linear physical existence that prevents items from turning on the spot. 
  • Command and establish your kingdom, recruit friends and other lords, and seize control of Calradia.

System Requirements:

  • Windows® XP: Windows® XP.
  • The Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or 2.5 GHz AMD is the processor.
  • Store: RAM 512MB.
  • Figures: 3D 64MB RAM graphics card.
  • Hard Drive: 100 MB of space.
  • Sound: Audio standard.

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