mirror’s edge Crack PC Game Torrent

Mirror’s Edge Crack PC Game Torrent

mirror's edge Crack PC Game Torrent


Mirror’s Edge crack is a DICE created and released a platform for action adventure. It was published in 2008.  In a quasi-futuristic metropolis, the game is based on the narrative of the underground courier Faith Connors, who sends communications while escaping government monitoring.

To make progress, players have to control Faith from a personal point of view and complete a range of levels, including skipping between the roofs, crossing walls, and sliding zip lines.

Mirror’s Edge offers hundreds of first-man animations inspired by chase scenes seen in both Casino Royale and the movie from Bourne to express Faith’s movement and interactions with the surroundings.

Mirror’s Edge essentially got positive reviews after its release. Critics appreciated their aesthetics and immersion, although others questioned their trial and error and their restricted levels. Globally and received the 2009 Interactive Achievement Awards for Adventure Game of the Year.

Once, this town was powerful – filthy and dangerous – but alive and beautiful. It’s another thing now. Agile couriers called Runners deliver sensitive data away from prying eyes in a city that intensively monitors information.

The Edge of Mirror takes you directly into the shoes of the unparalleled heroine as she crosses the spiraling metropolis and fights intensively and. Faith with an unexpected motion and perspective: a vivid, direct, and highly hazardous environment.

Mirror’s Edge Gameplay:

Mirror’s Edge is a platform for action and adventures in which the player has to control Faith Connors from the perspective of the first human and navigate a city. To advance the game and its history, the player needs to complement a series of levels involving a linear sequence of acrobatic maneuvers.

Although the player can conduct melee attacks and disarm opponents, the use of arms is often discouraged because it slows down Faith and hinders their acrobatic skills. For instance, wearing heavier weapons than a pistol prevents the player from jumping and taking the ledges.

The player can also discover and collect three hidden yellow bags at each level. These urge the user to explore and unlock the game.

Mirror’s Edge contains a time test mode in which the player needs to complete the courses as soon as possible and the game story mode. Each course has three qualifying times.


  • Move: combine an incredible arsenal of wall runs, leastways, sawdust, and more with fluid acrobatic moves that bring your advantage and salvation to all levels of the urban environment.
  • Heights generate true vertigo; natural moving flow, collisions, and impacts of bullets create absolute terror and adrenaline.
  • Fight or flight, challenge yourself. You not only avoid, capture, and carry out daring flights, your speed. And your agility also enable you to cripple and disarm opponents unwittingly, in a mix of pursuit, riddle, strategy, and an intense fight.
  • Runner vision lets you view the city as it does. Rooftops are turning into paths, paths, possibilities, and runaways. The flow keeps you going and keeps you alive.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft XP SP2 or Vista supports OS: Microsoft
  • Processor: 3.0 GHz or more quickly
  • Specifications: 1GB or more RAM
  • Video card support DirectX® 9.0c, Shader Model 3.0 needed. Graphics. Video cards should be 256 MB, GeForce 6800 or greater, or better.
  • Free space for Hard Drive: 8 Go
  • Sound: Sound card that DirectX® 9.0c supports.

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