Max Payne Crack PC Game Torrent

Max Payne Crack PC Game Torrent

Max Payne Crack PC Game Torrent

Max Payne: is a third-party shooter who sees you as the titular rogue officer in a rude and noir criminal storyline. In 2001 the game was launched to advance a “bullet-time” slow-motion option, which would be utilized in many subsequent titles. The violent neo-noir tale refers to Max’s attempts to revenge his wife’s and child’s killings and get down to a mystery drug ring.

In this brutal, chilly, urban night, Max Payne: is a man with nothing to lose. Max is a man against the wall with his back and a struggle that he can’t expect to win. Prepare yourself for a new race of profound action. Get ready for agony.


It’s a narrative in this game. To begin, one fundamental thing you need to grasp. The game itself is a flashback, just like many of the finest boiled detective books. Actually at the first cut-scene, Max will tell you.

Max Payne: is trying to hunt down the guilty for killing his wife and kid and framing him to kill his colleague Alex Balder. Renegade DEA agent & former NYPD cop. As the story unfolds, he gains several “allies,” including Vladimir Lem & Mona Sax from the Russian mafia gangster a woman vigilant whose sister Lisa has been killed in vengeance and succeeds in bringing down ring-leaders in the main narcotics operation V or Valkyr, after a mythical figure of the Northern mythological scene.


  • In this cat and mouse game, there’s a slight possibility Max Payne will win.
  • all he can do is steal as many of them as he can. It’s up to you how he does it. Shoot him in the worst snowstorm in a century with thugs and dishonest cops
  • Slow-motion time, which allows you to escape bullets.
  • Dark and dull just gone to an entirely new level!

Requirements for the system:

  • OS: Windows® 2000/XP Microsoft® (only)
  • AMD/Intel processor: 450MHz.
  • Specification: 96 MB RAM (128 MB RAM or greater recommended)
  • Chart: 16MB Direct3D Graphics Card Compatible.
  • Version: DirectX 8.0. DirectX version.
  • Complete installation hard drive: 830 MB Hard Drive Space, 530 MB minimum installation.

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