I Wanna Be the Boshy Crack PC Game Torrent

I Wanna Be the Boshy Crack PC Game Torrent

I Wanna Be the Boshy Crack PC Game Torrent

I Wanna be the Boshy, The Game is a sarcastic love letter for the golden days of video gaming, a hard-to-fare journey on the platform. I Wanna Be The Boshy is a free and famous, hard to learn 2D platform.

Boshy garnered mixed reviews—some of them loving the allusions, while others criticize it for unfair gameplay. This software also utilizes materials from other games directly, including sprites, sound effects, and music.

Boshy gives a degree of dangerous exploration using a multi-route architecture, unlike Metroidvania, without the foreign changes that would make life simpler. Thanks to the difficulties setting that alter numbness. 

Most characters have modest sprites and projectiles, while a few have additional features and gimmicks. The total number of characters, including 17 locked, is 35.

I Wanna Be the Boshy Gameplay: 

Boshy offers players an option for their death rate. The Kid controls the player. Most of these screens are also part of the Nintendo Entertainment System. to advance after each stage. The employer of the last one, the dad of The Kid, is IWBTG unique.

Boshy parodies numerous eight and 16-bit video games from the age of the Nintendo Mario Paint, such as the frequent use of references and sound effects.

The kid always dies with one hit and explodes into a pile of blood at that moment. Every death leads to a “game over,” although an endless number of attempts is available for the player.

Three alternative methods to go from the start screen lead to the same warp screen that returns to the initial screen. Therefore, to complete the Game, you have to beat the first six bosses on each path before the warp screen enables you to enter the final region.

Other characters have personal tags placed, such as the rainbow of Nyan Cat, while some unlocked characters have special characteristics unique to them.


  • Boshy includes significant allusions to old-school video games, including Mario, Sonic, Street Fighters, etc.
  • The console is tight to play since the levels are complicated and time-consuming. It works on your answer immediately.
  • Boshy contains a lot of hidden traps, lengthy roads, and animals. So what’s next, you’ve never known.
  • Boshy supports multiplayer online. So you may build a team and conquer all levels with your buddies.
  • Boshy is addicting, but it’s pretty enjoyable to play. It tests your IQ at all levels and helps your mental wellness.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/10 OS: 64-bit.
  • Intel Dual Core 6600 2.4 GHz, AMD FX-6300 or similar Processor.
  • RAM: 500 MB Memory.
  • Drive Space: 500 MB.
  • Card: 4400, GeForce GTX 280, or the equivalent Intel HD graphics.
  • Regional: Version 9.
  • Sound: Any sound card that is DirectX compliant.

How to Download ?

  • Click on the button Download.
  • I Wanna Be the Boshy P.C. Click Download Button.
  • Will start the free installer of your download.
  • It will be simple to Install The Game, officially Download File Good Internet Connection.

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