18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul Crack PC Game Torrent

18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul Crack PC Game Torrent

18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul Crack PC Game Torrent

18 Wheels of Steel: is the first game to be launched in the third Hard Truck game, a series of trucking simulations developed by SCS Software and distributed by ValuSoft from 2002 until 2011 as a Hard Truck spin-off.

The transfer of completed goods and raw materials on land, generally into and from manufacturing, plant, and retail hubs and distribution centers, is vital to industrialized societies. It is also the responsibility of truck drivers to examine all of their vehicles for mechanical products or safety concerns.

Sales, cleaning, preparation, and entertainment (such as cooking and preparing hot beverages) and customer service are also the responsibility of others, such as drivers and salespeople. Truck drivers interact closely with warehouse partners and warehouse employees who help load and unload cargo.

18 Wheels of Steel Gameplay: 

The gameplay is somewhat similar to Haulin’s gameplay, published a year earlier than American Long Haul. The main emphasis of this game is freight transportation. Three A.I. drivers are also going to the players. Unlike Hard Truck: 18 steel wheels, there is no sleep timer Across America. 

Additionally, the visuals are significantly enhanced in this version, and users can see drivers in other cars and they exhaust black when the truck’s “luggage” beneath 1500 RPM, much like previous, uncounted trucks.  Still, the patch issued by SCS Software in 2008 has corrected both these and minor problems. Players can also purchase objects for their protection.

Extreme Trucker enables players to transport loads in one of the game’s three primary areas: Yungas Road, the Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road, and Australia Outback, also known as the Death Road. Thus this game is pretty different from earlier places. The player cannot drive free without going around the map during delivery.

When users meet their requirements to have several new trucks and deliveries, they may choose a job offer from the selection menu. The trucks and automobiles are designed by genuine brands, even if the players cannot purchase any vehicle during the 18 Wheels of Steel .

Today, however, the little to medium-sized P.C. can run the game without poor FPS. Critics received the 18 Wheels of Steel American Long Haul  generally severely. The game was mainly criticized for changing the series’ premise, but some reviews were favorable.


  • Are you offering a job, or are you moving on or losing the necessary time?
  • Haul-Start is hauling 45 or more sorts of freight behind the wheel, including cattle, chemicals, and mobile homes.
  • Grab back up your fuel and keep your vehicles in optimum shape for the loading of docks.
  • Build your reputation from coast to coast as you travel across 48 countries, Canada and Mexico.
  • Grow up and add plants to your fleet. I am using 37 mammoth and trailer machines.

System Requirements:

  • Windows® XP/Vista: Microsoft.
  • Processor: 1.4 GHz or 100% compatible with Pentium® 4.
  • Specification: 256 MB RAM.
  • Diagrams: AGP 64 M.B. Video accelerator card with DirectX® 9 and T&L compatible.
  • DirectX: DirectX Version 9.0c or later.
  • Hard Drive: hard disc space of 540MB.
  • Entry: mouse and keyboard.

How to Download ?

  • Click on the button Download.
  • 18 Wheels of Steel P.C. Click Download Button.
  • Will start the free installer of your download.
  • It will be simple to Install The Game, officially Download File Good Internet Connection.

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