half life 2 Crack PC Game Torrent

half life 2 Crack PC Game Torrent

half life 2 Crack PC Game Torrent


Half-Life 2: the next chapter of the Half-Life cult story that has been lit six years later. Once again, players will have to control Gordon Freeman, who regained Earth awareness and realizes that he is in the immediate future.

Half-Life 2: A foreign government called the Alliance belongs to every power in this future. This covenant has forced all the people on the planet to obey the cities. Gordon must fix it. And while his trajectory is not short and the goals change quite a few times, the game only has particular originality, making the plot more interesting.

HalfLife 2: is set about 20 years after the original game’s incident, which involves opening a portal to the harsh realm of Xen at the Black Mesa research facility. The game starts with the stasis of Gordon Freeman awakened by a strange G-man,[1] who shows that a multidimensional empire called the Combine, the seven-hour conquest of Earth, caught the attention of the Black Mesa. The combination has carried out a brutal police state through the biological assimilation of people and other species. The G-Man inserted Gordon into the City 17 train at the site of the Citadel Combine where former Administrator of the Black Mesa Dr. Wallace Breen, the negotiator for the surrender of the Earth, ruled as the marionet ruler of the Combine.

After eluding the Combine forces, the resisters of Vance’s daughter Alyx, former Black Mesa security guard Barney Calhoun who works undercover as civil protector agent, and another Black Mesa scientist Dr. Kleiner, was joined by Dr. Eli Vance, who was led by former Black Mesa scientist Dr. Eli Vance. First, Gordon progresses on foot through the city’s canal system after a broken attempt to teleportation to the resistance base, Black Mesa East, from Kleiner’s improved laboratory. Then, he gets an airboat and fights over sewers and rivers.


Gordon is presented to Eli in Black Mesa East and meets Dr. Judith Mossman, another resistance scientist. Alyx introduces Gordon to her pet robot, Dog, and gives him a gun to handle large objects. Eli and Mossman are detained and brought to Nova Prospekt Combine detention facility as combined troops storm the base. Separated from Alyx and helped by its only survivor, Father Grigori, Gordon roamed through the zombie-infested village of Ravenholm. Finally, Gordon fled the city and discovered the outpost of resistance. He utilizes a customized dune buggy to take a collapsing coastal road to Nova Prospekt and battle against extraterrestrial antlions.

Gordon breaks in and gathers Alyx inside Nova Prospekt. They find Eli, but Mossman is a Combine informant. Mossman and Eli are returning to City 17’s Citadel before they can stop her. Moments after the Gordon and Alyx utilize the Combine Teleporter to get away from Nova Prospekt.

Gordon and Alyx found that the TV operator was not working at Kleiner’s lab and that a week had by. The resistance mobilized against the Combine in their absence. Gordon battles his way into the Citadel with the help of Dog and Barney. Inadvertently, a security mechanism overloads Gordon’s gravity pistol, which enables him to combat the Citadel.

Unlike what Mossman said, Breen outlines his plans for the further conquering of humanity with the Combine. [2] Before Breen can remove them from the world, Angry, Mossman frees Gordon, Alyx, and Eli. But Gordon destroyed his reactor with power orbs from a gravity cannon, killing Breen. Breen is attempting to escape through a TV operator. The G-man emerges and stops time as the reactor explodes. He compliments the efforts of Gordon and emphasizes the “services” of Gordon before putting him back into a static position.


  • Episode One, Half-Life 2
  • Episode Two Half-Life 2
  • Lost Coast Half-Life 2
  • Death Match Half-Life 2

Requirements for system:

  • OS: 7/8.1/10 Windows XP
  • Controller: 2 GHz
  • LEVEL: 1 GB
  • Video card: Nvidia GeForce 8 or higher, Radeon X1600 or higher.
  • Space for free disc: 7 GB

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