Deer Hunter 2005 Crack PC Game Torrent

Deer Hunter 2005 Crack PC Game Torrent

Deer Hunter 2005 Crack PC Game Torrent


Deer Hunter 2005 is a hunting video games series. The original version was also released on Mac and later on Gameboy Color Color, Ps 2, and mobile devices for the Windows platform produced by Wizard Works.

The first season of the series is just US$125,000 in development, yet it sold more than one million copies to complete the PC gaming charts. In the casual gaming sector, this was an early success.

The company also developed its own Trophy Hunter 2003. In April 2012, Glue Mobile bought the entire franchise. Also, for Macintosh computers was published the classic Deer Hunter and its sequel, Deer Hunter II.

Gameplay is generally played during the many seasons of every year amid a dense forest or meadow. During playing, animals and items other than deer may be observed, including Bigfoot and UFOs, although they serve no other purpose beyond the scenery.

Some animals might well be shot and killed. If the animal were indeed a rare species, the player would not be awarded a prize. A player may also handle a deer herd using deer development and genetics to determine the characteristics of progeny in the most recent editions.

Test your know-how and your expertise! Visit the world in six unbelievably detailed natural environments to hunt—Hunt five very realistic deer species, including Axis & European Roe deer.

Watch out for prize games from an enormous range of guns, ammo, tools, vehicles, and transportation. For thrilling multiplayer action, play by yourself or online. The search is on! Hunt is on!

Features include highly robust settings with exact behavior, six major hunting areas including Australia & Germany, five wild animals including Axis Deer & European Roe Deer, and support for multiplayer.

Deer Hunter 2005 Gameplay:

Deer Hunter 2005 is a realistic simulator that is an attractive choice for hunting lovers. You choose to hunt where and if you wish and the weapons and equipment you will employ. By bagging better deer, you may design your hunters and enhance your abilities.

You may even compete against others by taking your talents online. This game includes all the features needed to make a hunting experience genuine and fun.

You will have to create a hunter before you can genuinely start shooting in Deer Hunter 2005. A lot of choices are available for customization. You choose the name, set the style and the clothes, and divide points into several areas that increase the ability of your hunter. You may alter how successfully you firearms, conceal your deer, track animals, etc.

When you have a hunter, you may choose a hunting site and the equipment you wish to utilize. You can start hunting in this region, killing and collecting (bag) two to 3 wild hunts. You may hunt on your own or go online to play with someone else.

There are six distinct places where you may hunt, from Australian savannahs to the slopes of the Black Forest in Germany. Whereas the maps to play are extensive and diverse, it would be good to have a couple more choices.

You may also select one in four seasons when you pick a place, which will affect the effectiveness of calls and calls.


  • Extreme realism and precise animal behavior
  • Six outstanding places, Australia and Germany, included
  • Five deer species, Axis Deer & Europe Roe Deer, included
  • Action for multiplayer
  • Strange gameplay, addicting

System Requirements:

  • Pentium III 700 MHz or above Windows® 98/2000/Me/XP (or equivalent)
  • Free Hard Drive Space 8X Speed or more fantastic 128 MB RAM 200 MB
  • Card with 32 MB of

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