call of duty 1 Crack PC Game Torrent

Call of duty 1 Crack PC Game Torrent

call of duty 1 Crack PC Game Torrent

Call of Duty 1 brings the gritty realism and dramatic intensity of World War II’s great battlefield moments to life like never before, through the perspective of citizen soldiers and unsung heroes from a coalition of nations that helped define modern history.

When a player is near an explosion, he feels simulated tinnitus, suitable sound “muffling” effects, impaired vision, and the action slows down (not confused with the psychiatric disorder of the same name).

Call of Duty shares many similarities with the Medal of Honor series in terms of subject and game play. The game included a fresh take on AI-controlled companions who aid the player during missions and react to changes in the environment. In addition, members of the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault development team made up a large part of Infinity Ward’s development crew.

Call of Duty Gameplay:

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter that puts the player in command of an infantry soldier who fights with various authentic World War II guns. Each mission has a set of objectives marked on the compass on the heads-up display; the player must complete all of the objectives to move on to the next mission. However, instead of the checkpoint system used in later Call of Duty games, the player can save and load at any time.

The player can carry up to ten grenades and has two major weapon slots and a handgun slot. Unlike later Call of Duty games, the initial Call of Duty game allows the player to switch between several shooting modes.

The player can control mounted machine guns and other permanent weapon emplacements in addition to the weapons he carries. The game employs a regular health point system, with a health bar representing a finite quantity of health.

The game play varied from many single-player shooters because the game’s focus was on the simulation of the actual battlefield. Instead of moving alone, the player works with friendly forces to destroy enemy soldiers and advance; yet, the player can achieve specific objectives. When available, AI-controlled soldiers will take cover behind walls, barricades, and other obstructions.

 Following that, he and a few others must fortify the village’s northern approach, where Martin must take down another tank. After that, the infantry attack the German mortar crews.


  • Call of Duty portrays the fight from many perspectives for the first time. From the eyes of American, British, and Russian soldiers.
  • Battle your way through 24 missions spread across four intertwined historical campaigns.
  • Take on missions ranging from sabotage to all-out assault and stealth, vehicle combat, and rescue missions.
  •  Immersing you in the most dramatic World War II experience yet.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP.
  • Processor: For computers running.
  • Windows 98/ME, a Pentium III 600 MHz or Athlon 600 MHz CPU or higher is required; for systems running Windows 2000 / XP, a Pentium III 700 MHz or Athlon 700 MHz processor is required.
  • 128 MB of RAM.
  • Graphics: 1 hardware accelerator card (3D) is required.

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