assassin’s creed rogue Crack PC Game Torrent

Assassin’s creed rogue Crack PC Game Torrent

assassin's creed rogue Crack PC Game

Assassin’s creed rogue Crack is a Ubisoft Sofia action-adventure video game published by Ubisoft. It is the 7th major installment in the Assassin’s Creed series and is between the Assassin’s Creed IV of 2013: Black Flag and the Assassin’s Creed III of 2012.

It is also linked to the unity of beliefs of Assassin, published on Rogue the same day. In November 2014, it was launched for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and in March 2015 for Microsoft Windows, the last Assassin’s Creed game to be created for the seventh generation of consoles.

A revised version of the game launched in March 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In December 2019, on the Nintendo Switch in the Rebel Collection together with the Black Flag. 

In Assassin’s Creed Rogue presentation, the darkest chapter yet in the franchise Assassin’s Creed, You will experience the slow change from Assassin to Assassin Hunter as Shay. Torn aside by those who he called once brothers, Shay undertakes a mission to wipe out those who opposed him and eventually become the most feared assassin hunter in history.

Assassin’s creed rogue Gameplay: 

Assassin’s Creed Rogue is an action, stealth-conscious game played from a third-person perspective and set in an open-world environment. Naval aspects of the previous games come back with Shay’s player, the Morrigan.

Morrigan has the sharper draught of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, which allows the rivers to travel, compared to Edward Kenway’s Jackdaw. However, the Black Flag sub-water diving missions do not exist because the cool water rapidly depletes the player’s health due to swimming in the more southerly waters of the ‘river valley’ area.

The game presents an air rifle for fighting, similar to the Black Flag blowpipe, which enables the player to remove enemies in the distance silently. Enemy Assassins use the skills players use throughout the series to hide in covers, melt into crowds and carry out air assassinations against the player, similar to preceding gameplays.

An impact mask and Shay’s Eagle Vision also use multiplayer features from previous games, which allow them to track enemy positions through a radar-like system. And even without this, Shay can detect an enemy’s presence with red screen edges and accurately predict that the enemy is present.

Side missions and activities return, many of which are based on previous games. Reflecting Shay’s Templar role, the game introduces the assassination interception, a new side mission. It mirrors the assassination missions in previous games. Legendary ship fighting is also making a comeback. The player can acquire upgrades to the Horrigan with the progress of the game to solve these challenges.


  • The Assassin’s Creed universe is first experienced from a Templar perspective.
  • With your enhanced Eagle Vision, protect yourself against hidden assassins.
  • Constantly evaluate your surroundings and detect murderers hidden in the shadows, roofs, and crowds.
  • Shay witnessed the shift from an adventurous assassin to an engaged. Grim Templar ready to chase away from his former brothers.
  • Jump in and fight through the narrow waters of the American River valleys, the eggs of the North Atlantic. 
  • Defend yourself from Assassins as they try to board and topple your crew. Fight them fast so that too many crew members are not lost.
  •  Including burning oil leaves a trail of fire behind the burning of enemy ships and pickle-capable firepower.
  • The story of Shay enables you to explore three different environments.
  • The Atlantic North Enjoy the cold winds and towering Arctic icebergs on this sprawling marine playground.
  • Valley of the River A large hybrid setting for seamless river navigation and ground research in the American Frontier
  • City of New York One of the world’s most renowned towns completely renovated in the 18th century.

System Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon II X4 620@ 2.6 GHz. CPU.
  • SPEED CPU: Information.
  • OS: SP1 or 8/8.1 Windows 7 (64bit versions only).
  • VIDEO CARD: NVidia GeForce GTS 450 or Intel HD 4600 AMD Radeon HD 5670 (1024 MB VRAM).

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