Alien Shooter Revisited Crack PC Game Torrent

Alien Shooter Revisited Crack PC Game Torrent

Alien Shooter Revisited Crack PC Game Torrent

Alien Shooter Revisited is indeed a top-down isometric video shooter game produced by Omega Team, a Russian game developer. It was first released on Windows XP, iOS, and Android on May 18, 2003. In 2007 the following, Alien Shooter: Revenge, was published.

Taken deeper inside the complex, our protagonist meets increasingly vital aliens and understands the destruction of all teleports.

Alien Shooter Revisited Gameplay:

 Each level’s main aim is to remove all aliens. Characters can play as a man or a woman character on five stats: strength, precision, vitality, flight, and speed. Two levels allow players to buy improved, more powerful weaponry and permanent status enhancements in the shop. 

As the protagonist investigates the lab, it appears that the base of the problem is an error with an experimental T.V. The aliens somehow managed to flood massively, killing the scientists and the guards who worked in the laboratory.

The final shot depicts a solitary spawn frog who runs out from the laboratory. The tale continues in Fight For Life, the first expansion, and ends in The Experiment, the second expansion.

 It becomes evident that the alien beings have returned six months after the happenings of Alien Shooters Revisited. The actor must return to the laboratory to recuperate and deploy the virus to eliminate all intruders. The actor must visit the laboratory. Again, the protagonist returns to get the aliens away.


  • Three modes of game: Surviving Campaign and Armed Forces.
  • Men or women character full-on-action.
  • Upgrade facility for character.
  • 9 Mass destruction weapons.
  • Blood option Red or Green.
  • Very creative enemy selection.
  • Reactive music that contributes to the action.
  • Valuable devices, med kits, war drones. Flashlights.

System Requirements:

  • Receptions: Vista / Windows 2000
  • Memory processor: 1.7 GHz: 512 MB
  • NVidia GeForce2/A.T.I. Radeon 8500 or greater 128 MB visual memory video card.
  • DirectX: 8.1 MB Hard Drive Space Free
  • Sound: Sound card compatible with DirectSound

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